Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photos of Yanchep coast.

Here are a couple of photos of our beautiful Yanchep.

This first shot shows the Yanchep Lagoon. It offers a fabulous protected area for swimming although at high tide especially with a strong sea breeze the waves do wash over the reef creating a strong Northerly current in the lagoon. This current does however keep the lagoon clean and fresh. The lagoon used to allow many cray boats to anchor in there in times past, however the lagoon for some reason now seems to be filling up with sand. In fact at the time this photo was taken (3rd Nov 2009) the lagoon had more sand in it than I have ever seen before. There is normally a deep hole at the South end of the lagoon but that has been filled in in this photo.
The 2009/2010 summer currents have since flushed the sand out of the hole and it is once again a delight for snorkelers.
The next photo is a view looking South from the lagoon area over the Fisherman's Hollow picnic area.

Till next time.

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